Daggerwrists are very aggressive, human-sized, arboreal predators native to the pocket-forests of Darwin IV. Their forelimbs are shaped like daggers, hence the name daggerwrist. They utilize thin membranes of skin, called patagia, to allow them to glide through the forests. Like most other Darwinian inhabitants, they posess biolights.

They don't just use their claws for climbing. Daggerwrists catch their main prey, the Trunk- Suckers, using a clever tactic. They gouge holes into the Plaque- Bark Trees they ascend. The Trunk- Suckers are attracted to the sap that pours out of the holes. Once the Trunk- Suckers have taken their fill, the Daggerwrist descends and kills its quarry.

Daggerwrists appear to have a lower jaw, but that is actually a portion of the skull that detaches to inject enzymes into the prey item. Daggerwrists are also considered omnivorous in the fact that they also consume the sap that the dead Trunk- Sucker has already eaten. &nbsp